We kindly invite you to the seminar ‘Software development for Nanopore sequencing data analysis.’ which will be given by Natalia Gumińska from International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland. The lecture is organized as part of the IBMIB Seminar series and will be held on 1st March at 09:15 in SALA Rady Wydziału (Faculty Council Hall), AMU Faculty of Biology.

Dr Natalia Gumińska has graduated from Faculty of Biology at the Uni. of Warsaw in 2015, receiving M.Sc. in Biotechnology. She defended in 2020 (with honors), her doctoral thesis entitled “Characterization of unconventional introns in euglenin nuclear genomes” at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Uni. of Warsaw, under the supervision of Prof. Bożena Zakryś. Since then she works as a postdoc at the RNA Biology Laboratory (Prof. Andrzej Dziembowski’s lab), at the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw. Dr Natalia Gumińska has managed her own Preludium grant (NCN, 2018-2021), dealing with the characteristics of circular extrachromosomal DNA in euglenids. In her research she deals with broadly understood transcriptomic analyzes using nanopore data (direct RNA and cDNA sequencing). She uses machine learning for the analysis of sequencing data (i.e. isoform usage, polyA profiling, alternative splicing, etc.). She is a co-author of 9 publications, including PloS Genet, Sci Adv and Nature Commun.