Seminar Schedule 2023/2024

Date Speaker Talk Title
27.10.2023 Faculty Council meeting
27.10.2023 Timo Otonkoski M.D., Ph.D. Fully functional islets from stem cells: New opportunities for diabetes research and therapy
10.11.2023 Ali Sharifi-Zarchi PhD Revealing the Grammar of Small RNA Secretion Using Interpretable Machine Learning
17.11.2023 Prof. Bas E. Dutilh Mapping the Microverse and modelling its drivers
24.11.2023 Faculty Council meeting
01.12.2023 Reserved for IBMIB final year students and PIs or postdoc
08.12.2023 Prof. Gracjan Michlewski Regulatory mechanisms of antiviral innate immune response
15.12.2023 Faculty Council meeting
22.12.2023 Christmas
29.12.2023 Christmas
05.01.2024 Christmas
12.01.2024 Rajani Gudipatti PhD Molecular Architects: Protease Influence on Small RNA Landscapes
19.01.2024 Suresh Jesuthasan PhD The slippery slope from fear to anxiety and depression: insights from zebrafish
26.01.2024 Faculty Council meeting
02.02.2024 Aleksandra Rutkowska PhD Unlocking remyelination through the EBI2 receptor pathway
09.02.2024 Małgorzata Borowiak PhD DSc ‘Deciphering human beta cell development-cell by cell
16.02.2024 Karuna Sampath PhD Understanding the mechanisms that regulate embryonic, extra-embryonic and germline progenitors
23.02.2024 Faculty Council meeting
01.03.2024 Natalia Gumińska PhD Software development for Nanopore sequencing data analysis
08.03.2024 Dorota Raczyńska PhD Dsc An update on the role of U7 snRNA in human cells
15.03.2024 Prof. Patrick Mueller Deep learning in developmental biology
22.03.2024 Faculty Council meeting
29.03.2024 Good Friday
05.04.2024 Prof. Surendra Ghaskadbi Cell signalling molecules in hydra: insights into evolutionarily ancient functions of signalling pathways
12.04.2024 Monika Jóźwiak MSc The role of DRH1, RH46 and RH40 in miRNA
biogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
19.04.2024 Izabela Sierocka PhD Regulatory mechanisms controlling the development of liverwort Marchantia polymorpha – a case study of SPL transcription factors
26.04.2024 Faculty Council meeting
03.05.2024 Constitution day
10.05.2024 Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak, Prof. UG TBA
17.05.2024 Prof. Dena Leshkowitz UTAP2: User-friendly Transcriptome and Epigenome Analysis Pipeline
23.05.2024 Dr Joanna Achinger-Kawecka
24.05.2024 Faculty Council meeting
31.05.2024 Long weekend break
07.06.2024 Prof. Neil Brockdorff TBA
14.06.2024 TBA TBA
21.06.2024 Faculty Council meeting
28.06.2024 Michał Malewicz PhD TBA

Wojciech Dzięgielewski MSc

Anna Jędrzejak MSc

12.07.2024 Faculty Council meeting
19.07.2024 Łukasz Szewc PhD TBA


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