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Genome Biology

Computational Biology

Prof. Wojciech Karłowski

Our group works on developing and applying modern high-throughput computational tools to analyse biological data, especially genomic sequences, proteins, and transcripts in a functional and evolutionary context.

Developmental Epigenetics

Dr hab. Michał Gdula

Our lab aims at understanding the biological importance of the 3D organization of the genome within the nucleus. We study developmental epigenetics and DNA replication.

Genome Biology

Prof. Piotr Ziółkowski

We study meiotic crossover formation and control in plants at the level of the whole genome, chromosome regions and single recombination hotspots.

Genomic Regulation

Dr hab. Kinga Kamieniarz-Gdula

Our lab’s aim is to integrate different levels of gene expression regulation – chromatin, transcription and RNA processing – focusing on gene ends.

RNA Bioinformatics

Prof. AMU Marek Żywicki

The major interest of our group is focused on computational analysis of non-canonical small RNAs and RNA secondary structure using high throughput sequencing data.