Prof. AMU Michał Rurek, PhD, DSc

Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology


phone: +48 61 829 5973
office: 1.94

Michał is an plant molecular biologist using experimental and computational methods. He finished undergraduate studies at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań and moved to 1-year-long fellowship at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. He did PhD at Adam Mickiewicz University. Then he moved to the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology (CNRS- University of L. Pasteur) in Strasbourg, France to Géraldine Bonnard lab, studying maturation of c-type cytochromes in Arabidopsis mitochondria within grant of Foundation for Polish Science and M. Curie Host Fellowship for the Transfer of Knowledge (2004, 2006). After return, he broadened his interests by mitochondrial proteomics, collaborating with Hans-Peter Braun team (University in Hannover, Germany). Since 2008 fascinated by responses of plant mitochondria to abiotic stress and after stress recovery. He integrates physiological, molecular and ‘omics’ levels to study precise alterations within plant transcriptomes, proteomes and metabolomes. Currently, he broadened his interests by characterisation of plant grp genes coding for glycine-rich proteins. Habilitated in 2016, University professor since 2019. In spare time he loves horses, Western riding, cross-fit, running, long trips, music and good books.