Core culture facility for stem cells and organoids

In a dedicated stem cell tissue culture room we have 4 incubators and 2 hoods (BSL 2). In order to set up 3D culture we purchased McILwain Tissue chopper  (Cavey Laboratory Engineering Co. Ltd.) and the Orbit 1000 digital shaker (Labnet).
Moreover, we have the IncuCyte (Sartorius) – a real-time quantitative live-cell imaging and analysis platform that enables visualization and quantification of cell behavior over time, by automatically gathering and analyzing images around the clock within a standard laboratory incubator.
The genes and pathways changes in pancreatic cells can be further investigated using the CRISPR/Cas9 mediated overexpression and downregulation thanks to the Super Electroporation instrument NEPA21 type II instrument (NepaGene) as well as the Leica fluorescence microscope that both are dedicated for the stem cells work.

Responsible staff: Prof. UAM dr hab. Małgorzata Borowiak