Core phytotron facility

This facility provides a space and equipment for growing, propagating and collecting plant material. The facility is suitable for the cultivation various plant species such as Arabidopsis thaliana, Hordeum vulgare and Marchantia polymorpha. Laminar flow chamber unit consists of four individual cubicles each equipped with the laminar flow chamber and instrument sterilizer. This unit offers a sterile working environment required for tissue culture propagation and plant in vitro culture maintenance. Growth chambers unit is equipped in climate chambers that are individually controlled and monitored for temperature, humidity and lighting conditions which is essential in research, environmental studies and testing experiments. Growth chambers unit is thermostated area also furnished in incubation shelves providing additional space for plant growth. General laboratory unit offers space for soil and media preparation, collecting seeds and plant material. This unit also holds separate area and equipment for photographic documentation required for plant phenotypic observation.

Responsible staff: Prof. Artur Jarmolowski