Upasana Saha, PhD

Genomic Regulation Research Group


e-mail: upasah@amu.edu.pl
phone: +48 61 829 1905
office: CAT A223

Upasana received her MSc in Biotechnology from Visva-Bharati in India. She continued her PhD in India at Jadavpur University under the supervision of Prof. Biswadip Das. Her research involved understanding mRNA quality control pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisieae, focusing mainly on the nucleus. In 2019, she moved to the lab of Prof. Torben Heick Jensen in Aarhus University, Denmark for her first postdoc position. There she studied the role of the nuclear poly(A) binding protein Nab2p in mRNA homeostasis. She joined STOP lab in October 2021 to investigate the molecular mechanism of premature transcription termination.