Maciej Janicki, PhD

Biotechnology Research Unit


phone: +48 61 829 5964
office: 1.90

Maciej received his Engineer and MSc degree in chemistry from the University of Technology in Poznan. He also graduated bioinformatics at A. Mickiewicz University. His PhD research was focused on selecting potential PP2C inhibitors. In 2015 he received a stipend for a research visit at the UMAss Lowell in H. C Guo’s lab. During his PhD he also take part in NCN grants where he was involved in the study of protein-protein interactions and the prediction of ubiquitination and sumoylation sites. After graduating in 2022, Maciej got his first Postdoc position in prof. UAM Agnieszka Ludwikow’s group to study the structural mechanism of PP2C inhibition by small molecules. During his research Maciej mostly focussing on biology and chemistry computational methods combine with structural biology and biochemistry.