Arta Olya, MSc

Human Molecular Genetics Research Unit


phone: +48 61 829 5904
office: J1.129

Arta has studied cellular and molecular biology (B.S.) and biotechnology (M.S.). He has also carried out research mainly on embryonic stem cells for over two years. He is fascinated by molecular genetics and at the moment, he is doing his Ph.D. which aims to investigate the novel role of STAT1 in Macrophage-specific transcriptional responses that reflect the onset and progression of atherosclerosis. He has a passion for learning new things and he hopes to make a difference in people’s lives using what he has learned. Having a multifaceted personality, aside from science, he is also interested in arts, particularly music and cinema, sports, especially fitness and martial arts, as well as social, political, and environmental issues since he believes that these are general matters that everyone should care about for the betterment of our world.