Prof. Mikołaj Olejniczak

RNA Biochemistry


phone: +48 61 829 5906
office: 1.121

My scientific interests concern structure and function of RNA. I completed my PhD studies in 2003 in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences, where my work focused on the structure of an RNA regulatory element from viruses HIV-1 and HIV-2. This was followed by 3-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology of Northwestern University in the United States, where I studied how the structure of tRNAs is adapted for optimal function on the bacterial ribosome. In 2012 I established independent laboratory at the Faculty of Biology of Adam Mickiewicz University. Our laboratory has been supported by funding from the TEAM program of the Foundation for Polish Science, and from grants of National Science Centre. Our research is focused on the studies of RNA-binding proteins, which contribute to gene expression regulation by small RNAs in bacteria.