Maciej Maurycy Łałowski, PhD, DSc, Docent

Omics Diabetes Group


office: 1.68

Maciej Lalowski is an experimental and computational biologist. He obtained his PhD at the Polish Academy Sciences in Warsaw/NYU Medical Center, NYC, USA. Maciej did hist postdoctoral training at the University of Helsinki, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and Max Delbrűck Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin Germany. He has been awarded docentship at the University of Helsinki (in 2011), and specializes in quantitative mass spectrometry and systems biology. He is the current president of the Finnish Proteomics Society. Maciej has effectively applied omics methodologies to study various aspects of neurodegeneration, muscle aging, heart transplantation and development, cancer cachexia among others, to reveal affected pathways and network modules, suitable for future therapeutic interventions.

Maciej has been awarded a Polonez Bis 1 grant to set up his own research group in November 2022, hosted by Prof. Borowiak at AMU.

In his spare time Maciej loves biking and listening to good music.