Maroua Rami, MSc

Omics Diabetes Group


phone: +48 61 829 5961
office: 1.68

During the course of her studies Maroua has used various technics to study the cell biology problems in the context of different pathologies. In DMEM unit of INRA laboratory (Uni. of Montpellier, France), she has characterized the Fibro-Adipogenic Progenitors (FAPs) in the smooth skeletal muscle tissue and their development during muscular regeneration following injury or bed-rest condition, and utilized WB, qPCR and sorting/differentiating of FAPs into adipocytes in vitro. In the second internship at the Meilahti Clinical Proteomics core facility (Uni. of Helsinki, Finland), she utilized MALDI-TOF MS/MS technique to optimize protocols for the use of nanochips well suited for protein and peptide analysis. She has also worked on breast cancer luminal cell lines to analyse the role of epigenetic modifiers like CREBBP and SUV39H2 on the expression of ESR1 gene (Uni. of Montreal, Canada).