Kishor Gawede, MSc

RNA Processing


phone: +48 61 829 1908
office: CAT A227

In 2015, Kishor received his master’s degree in Virology from the National Institute of Virology, India. During his master’s thesis, he worked on the role of Vaccinia virus-encoded complement protein inhibitors. Until 2019, he worked as a quality control analyst for Viral vaccines at the Serum Institute of India. He joined the RNA Processing Laboratory in February 2019 as a PhD student, and he is working on the RNA binding protein FUS’s role in processing of small nucleolar RNAs into small fragments (sdRNAs). Another part of his work involves studying changes in ribosomal RNA modifications in FUS mutations associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In his spare time, he likes hiking, birding and bird photography.