Andrzej Zielezinski from Computational Biology Lab: PHIST: fast and accurate prediction of prokaryotic hosts from metagenomic viral sequences published in Bioinformatics, 14th December 2021

 Andrzej Zielezinski, Sebastian Deorowicz, Adam Gudyś has published their work describing developed tool Phage–Host Interaction Search Tool (PHIST) predicting prokaryotic hosts of viruses in  Bioinformatics – congratulations! Check out the paper ! PHIST github repository:

Phage–Host Interaction Search Tool (PHIST) predicts prokaryotic hosts of viruses based on exact matches between viral and host genomes. It improves host prediction accuracy at species level over current alignment-based tools (on average by 3 percentage points) as well as alignment-free and CRISPR-based tools (by 14–20 percentage points). PHIST is also two orders of magnitude faster than alignment-based tools making it suitable for metagenomics studies.