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Two PRELUDIUM BIS NSC grants have been awarded to the IMBB researchers: dr hab. Michał Ryszard Gdula and dr hab. Jan Brezovský.

New Publication: Jan Brezovski Lab

Bartomiej Surpeta and rest of Jan Brezeovsky Team has just published their study addressing the global crisis of bacterial resistance in the ACS Catalysis. They shared their results about determinant factors of novel quorum quenching enzymes’ activity against bacterial signalling molecules. Congratulations!

2 OPUS and 1 SONATA NSC grants for IMBB

Three NSC grants has been awarded to the IMBB researchers: Magda Masłoń received OPUS grant to investigate mechanism of the RNA amplification in the pathogenesis of Trisomy 21 , Mikołaj Olejniczak also OPUS to study RNA recognition by KhpA & KhpB in Streptococus pneumoniae and Katarzyna Błaszczyk received Sonata to wok on using β cells for improvement of generation of insulin producing cells in vitro

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