Andrzej Pacak, PhD, DSc

Gene Expression


phone: +48 61 829 5955
office: 1.109A

Andrzej is a biotechnologist. He finished his studies and did his PhD at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. He did short postdoc at Prof. David Baulcombe group, The Sainsbury Laboratory, John Innes Centre, Norwich, United Kingdom (Marie Curie, Fungen fellow, Arabidopsis Ago protein over-expression and purification) and long postdoc at dr Merete Albrechtsen group, Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, Aarhus University, Denmark (Marie Curie Intra-European fellowship, VIGS (Virus Induced Gene Silencing) application in barley). He did habilitation and obtained associate professor position. His main focus is plant (mainly barley) responses to abiotic stresses (high temperature and phosphate starvation) on transcriptome, small RNAs and degradome levels. His and colleagues main scientific achievement was finding that sequence motifs present in 5’ UTR of barley PHOSPHATE2 gene (PHO2) play crucial role in PHO2 expression regulation.